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BELICE aims at providing a methodology and training on it to perform the initial wide assessment (ASR1) as INSARAG Guidelines/training (i.e.First Responders  Training) does not cover specifically this  aspect of emergency intervention.

BELICE brings together operational (USAR teams) and non-operational actors (LLAA, disaster managers) who will be trained on a standard methodology (mirrored in a Manual on ASR1). As a matter of fact, if a manual is applied (i.e.  to identify priorities in assessment, to build up a sectorisation), the response chain is positively influenced in terms of more effective deployment and precise identification of necessary resources. The methodology for operational and non-operational actors is reflected into two easy-to-use tools (Manual and Handbook for trainers on ASR1).

BELICE is carried out by a strategic partnership of three public bodies (CNVVF, THW, EcASC), a CP National authority (DPC) and a SME (Timesis srl) from: IT, FR, DE. It is supported by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA) INSARAG Secretariat and Sicily Region, Civil Protection Department.

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BELICE is carried out by a strategic partnership of 3 public bodies CNVVF, THW, EcASC, a CP National authority, DPC, and a SME, Timesis, from: IT, FR,DE. It is supported by the UN OCHA Secretariat and the Sicily Region.

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