Sound technical and financial monitoring, reporting and coordination


Analysis of the initial assessment (ASR1) needs by identifying uncovered aspects and mirrorring them in a tool that will provide instructions to the involved operational and non-operational actors (disaster managers, CP national authorities)


Definition, design and delivery of a train-the-trainers as pilot field training to apply the Manual of ASR1. Preparation of the training programme through making available a Handbook for trainers.

The Handbook is the supporting document for cascading training in all the training centers directly involved.

BELICE Project planned to carry out training courses, concerning the themes of the Manual. The purpose of one of the courses, called Pilot for ToT (Training for Trainers) is the training of personnel who will train the operators involved in emergencies.

The COVID emergency didn’t allow to deliver the training courses in presence and so project activities have been redesigned, the Pilot for ToT has been delivered in webinar for the theoretical methods while virtual reality Apps and supporting video tutorials have been produced so to partially substitute the field activity.


The field training activities foreseen in WP4 were not delivered due to COVID emergency.


Definition of a communication strategy, dissemination (especially the Manual for ASR1 and the Handbook for trainers) and to enhance sustainability after the project conclusion.