Final Conference of BELICE Project

Final Conference of BELICE Project

Webinar, 23th march 2021

At 10.00 a.m. on Tuesday 23 March 2021 it has been held in Webinar the final conference of BELICE Project, an activity launched in June 2019, co-financed by the European Union Civil Protection, coordinated by the National Fire Department and the Italian SME TIMESIS S.r.l., in collaboration with the Civil Protection Department.

In compliance with the containment rules for COVID-19 risk, the final conference has been held online in Webinar mode and has been streamed on the institutional website of the National Fire Brigade Corps ( and on the YouTube channel of the Civil Protection Department, which can be reached at

The direct streaming of the final conference has also been shared on the social channels of the National Fire Brigade Corps (Twitter and Telegram) and on the social channels of the Civil Protection Department (Twitter and Facebook).

The aims of BELICE Project were to develop a methodological approach and the necessary consequent training, in order to provide local authorities and rescuers, intervening in a wide area affected by a disaster, with the elements and decision-making tools necessary to plan and for an initial assessment of the interventions to be implemented in the early stages of the emergency, through a systemic and innovative approach that takes into account the scenario variables, the evolving risk and the organizational and operational characteristics of the forces in the field (local authorities, emergency managers and supervisors, technical rescuers, USAR teams, local authorities).

The meeting has been a moment to summarize the aims pursued by the project and to share the results achieved since the start of the activities.
In details:

  • the ASR1 (Assessment Search and Rescue, Level 1) Manual to be use by local authorities, planners and USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) rescuers for an initial assessment of the area affected by a disaster and the prioritisation of subsequent operational actions
  • Handbook for trainers, a manual for trainers on the contents and use of the tools and operational procedures in the ASR1 Handbook.

Multimedia products were also produced:

  • a video presenting the results obtained
  • a virtual reality video illustrating tools and methods for conducting a disaster area analysis
  • video tutorials illustrating tools and methods described in the ASR1 Manual

We would like to remind you that several public bodies and institutions from some European countries participated in the BELICE project.


The BELICE project received support from:

  • UN OCHA INSARAG Secretariat, Geneva
  • Sicily Region, Civil Protection Department
The presentations are available in the download area while
this is the Agenda of the Online Final Conference updated with all the speakers