Pilot for ToT

Pilot for ToT

Webinar, 16-18 November 2020

From Monday 16th to Wednesday 18th of November took place, in webinar mode due to COVID-19 emergency, the Pilot for ToT (Train of the Trainers) one of the fundamental activities foreseen in the BELICE Project.

The course, like the previous ones, have seen the participation from experts coming from Italy and other project beneficiaries’ Countries, besides experts coming from Italian Local Authorities.

Participants came from Operators and Decision Makers field, that is to say already experienced persons, that will be the trainers core group and that will take care of the knowledge transfer needed in order to apply methods and procedures described in BELICE Manual on ASR1. In particular during pre-assessment phase or during the first decisions and scenario analysis immediately after the event.

They have been invited 14 experts coming from Germany (THW) France (EcASC) and Italy (CNVVF and ICDP) and 6 representatives of Local Authorities that have the role to manage their territories on an ordinary and daily basis and consequently are going to be directly involved in case of emergency from the very beginning, waiting for the arrival of specialized rescue teams (USAR) and logistic support modules.

The course outline foresaw the description of the Manual contents and carrying out related virtual exercises in order to test the learning level of the participants. Therefore, the sharing of an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses that emerged in the simulations and a consequent learning evaluation.

Once the training phase of the trainers has been completed, the same, in their turn and in respective countries of origin, will take care of the training of other rescuers, so that the procedures described in the “BELICE” Project, as well as those already defined in the “EASeR” Project, are consolidate transversally as a shared operating culture.

An important contribution to the project will be provided by the didactic material developed in 3D interactive mode by UNISI (University of Siena).