Providing a methodology and training on how to perform intitial wide assessment after a disaster (ASR-1) as mentioned in the INSARAG guidelines.

BELICE starts from analysing the state of the art (through cases studies) by top senior experts. A Manual on ASR1 is elaborated and applied in a ToT Course.

Then, during 4 field courses, the Manual is tested to prove that it has been correctly applied (i.e. once a sectorisation plan is made, this is verified on site). The training programme includes also evaluation and coaching activities.

Outcomes are:

  • Operational and non-operational actors are able to apply a methodology to perform ASR1;
  • A common operational plan is carried out involving trainees from USAR teams, CP authorities and disaster managers;
  •  INT USAR teams participating in the courses are trained in a realistic scenario.
Photo credit: THW